Welcome to the Old South

Your first impression of Indiantown may not be the grandeur of Palm Beach you get thirty miles down the road, but you must dig deeper to find its magic. The town embodies a culture and a time left behind long ago. Settled by the Seminole Indians in the early nineteenth century, the Indians found the dry land perfect for hunting and camping.

White settlers followed in the 1890's, and during World War I the St. Lucie Canal was dug, creating a passageway from Lake Okeechobee to the east coast.

Prominent banker S. Davies Warfield, hailing from Baltimore, came to the town in the 1920's. His plan was for the ideal city focused around his Seaboard Airline Railroad. The focal point of his model city was the elaborate housing unit he built to house his esteemed guests: The Seminole Inn.

There is nothing more appealing to the town than the touch of the Old South that is preserved in this historic venue. From the wood floors to the originals woodwork and brass ornaments to the pecky cyprus ceiling there is an elegant sense of history that you cannot get anywhere else.

The town itself offers unique opportunities for the ravid explorer. Fishing, boating, riding and hiking are all very popular activities in Indiantown. You will not find city-like entertainment, but rather a step back into leisure activities that were. In addition, the Inn itself offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for a getaway.

The food is a taste of mama's cookin'. Monday through Saturday is an all-you-can-eat country buffet that regularly features local vegetable, fried chicken, and fresh warm biscuits. Fridays and Saturdays feature a full menu and more local farm to table items. Our famous Sunday brunch features veggies, sweet potato casserole, our famous fried chicken, omelets, baked goods and a fresh salad bar.

Our new Folk and Farm School is something people travel from far and away to participate in. We bring in skilled teachers to lead workshops on sustainable skills, farming, gardening, crafting and much more. With this you can not only take away the experience of staying in a preserved piece of history, but also take away a skill that will help you preserve history for years to come. Check our website for upcoming classes and deals.

We hope you enjoy your stay at the Inn as much as we enjoy providing this once in a lifetime experience to you.

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